Alternative Short URL Services To Google’s URL Shortener

Alternative Short URL Services

Last week on March 30, Google announced plans to shut down their short URL service, leaving many to look for alternative short URL services. Current users however, will be able to continue using all the features available until March 30, 2019. Those who have not used this service before, will not be able to create new short links from April 13, 2018. As mentioned above, the service itself will eventually be discontinued, but all the created short URLs will still work regardless.

Alternative Short URL Services

  • Internet marketers have now been looking to other link shortening services, and here is a look into some of the best alternative short URL services to Google’s


Bitly is a popular URL shortener, where you can create short URLs straight off the home page as a non member. You can create a free account to customize shortened URLs, track click through rates and more. There are some limitations to a free membership, although a paid subscription will provide in-depth reports on created links.


TRSURL is a short URL service which offers link shortening for both single links, and multiple links. The multiple link option, allows you to add links to a group, or switch to batch mode and later allowing one to share multiple links within the one shortened link. Both link shortening services from Trsurl, offer click through rates to free members, link customizing options and as a non member you can also create short URLs on the home page. link shortener is free, however you will need to create a Hootsuite account before you can use it. This short URL service also measures click through rates and there are many more features in the paid subscription. If you’re not too worried about the tracking of clicks, then an alternative to this service is recommended.


TinyURL is a very basic URL shortener, with no paid subscription and is free to use. You can also customize the end of the link if what you’d prefer is available. This short URL service offers free link shortening, but it does not provide the click through rate statistics.

The last alternative to Google’s, is and it is also simple to use like the above service TinyURL. It also allows you to shorten links on the home page without having to register. You can also bookmark the page with the created short URL, to view the amount of clicks it has received.

That’s it, some of the best alternative short URL services to Google’s own URL shortener. There are plenty out there, and if you’ve found a good service, post a comment below.

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