What Are Short URL Services?

Alternative Short URL Services

What Are Short URL Services?

A short URL service allows you to shorten long links, into a more manageable short link, so basically, a URL shortener is a way to make a long URL shorter and are great for micro-blogging websites such as Twitter. or Gab. URL shortening services are web tools, or services, that allow you to provide a long URL to a specific website page and obtain a much shorter URL from the short link service provider. There are many benefits of using a short URL service, and working with them to hide the likes of affiliate ids within the referral link is just one. By using most short URL services, you can also track traffic statistics such as click through rates for each individual short URL you may have created.

What Types Of URL Shorteners Are There?

There are two types of short URL services, services which allow you to shorten single links and those that offers you the option of sharing or grouping multiple links into one short link. The multiple link sharing option, allows you to group multiple links together. These links can be accessed by those who click on the short URL you’ve created containing the group of links. Many link shortening services also allow you to add your own branding to links, or create link aliases and even password protection on your shortened URLs.

How Many Short URL Services Are There?

There are many services available online, and all with their own features. Although one Short URL Service in particular, for shortening both single links and the “batching” of, or grouping multiple links together as one short link is TRSURL SHORT URL.

Generally, it is internet marketers who would work with Link Shortening Services, although they can be useful to anyone who has a long link or multiple links they may want to share with others, and even as a link one can remember.

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