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Reseller Web Hosting

Leveraging from more than a decade of experience in the online business of free reseller web hosting, while offering everything you need to become prosperous as a web hosting reseller. This program is not just for your online specialist, as anybody can start and build their own web hosting company without needing to spend a single penny toward the program itself. If you’re looking to begin working from home on your own business, then this hosting reseller platform has everything you need and require to begin earning an online income. All you need is a domain with the basic hosting at a very low-cost and then you can begin providing the service to customers under your very own brand name. As mentioned this is a free reseller program, whether you’re accomplished in online sales or not, with the free reseller web hosting program from Site Brand It, you can offer plans with your very own business name. You can resell the fully featured pre-built web hosting packages, or set up your own plans and configurations to accurately fit your brand and needs of individual clients.

Build Your Reseller Web Hosting Store

You can literally establish your unique online reseller web hosting store within half an hour, by using the modifiable ready-made online shop templates which you can edit to suit your requirements, and work with the related marketing tools with no extra cost to you. Offer fully equipped hosting packages with a user-friendly, in-house custom built, point-and-click Hespia Control Panel which is also available in multiple languages. There are an assortment of free-of-charge bonuses, including one-click application install features for the likes of WordPress based scripts and over 200 templates for your clients to work with. As a reseller, you have the opportunity to offer a free domain name as part of the package and you’re able to choose your datacenter location to suit the location of your business and the customers you want to attract.

The billing service is also handled for you, with your business receiving commission on payments that you set, and on all server management procedures while offering a 24/7 technical support team to your customers on behalf of your business so you can concentrate on selling. The support team stays in the background all the time, for you with any technical issues, and so that your customers will only see your brand. You can also decide to bill your clients yourself using the Reseller API, and for those who possess a higher level of computer knowledge, or favor the traditional means of services, then the program is available for you in cPanel. This also includes a host of cost-free gifts for you, and to which you can offer your clients.

Host Your Own Websites

You can host your own websites in your business account, and you may look to transfer your domains to keep all your own work together in-house in one place. If you need a dedicated server solutions, then there is a broad array of advanced VPS and dedicated servers. It won’t take long at all to set-up toward a successful business on your own, and this program helps you get into the industry with minimum effort or expense. The free reseller web hosting program will give you and your clients the full freedom to fulfill portfolio and future online plans toward your success through Sitebrandit.

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