Photographer Network Rewards Program

Photographer Network

Among the many photography websites on the internet, this an image hosting and photographer network which has an inviting rewards program, where photographers can earn an extra income on top of their photography skills by referring new members to this network. The premium image hosting and photo sharing community Inpixity, which is pronounced “In-Pix-City,” is a fairly new start-up which was under further development, and now offering a rewards program to it’s members to take advantage of toward a residual income.

Photographer Network Rewards Promotion

Anyone can join the rewards program with Inpixity, and they offer to members a healthy 30% commission rate from when a referral signs up and upgrades to any one of the upgraded packages. When you join as a new member, upon logging into your account, simply head into the rewards section to where you will find your unique referral or affiliate id. Once you have your affiliate URL or referral link, simply begin promoting by sharing your referral link onto social media or via email to photographers who may be interested in the image hosting and photo sharing platform.

Earn Residual Incomes From Marketing & Photography Skills

There are two ways you can earn as a photographer, one is earning residual incomes from referring new members, and the other is from being paid per download of your photos or those images your referrals have also. When a referred member joins under your affiliate link, if at any stage they decide to upgrade to the minimum package of $4.99 per month, you will earn 30% in commission. If you are actively sharing, blogging with the inclusion of your referral link, and with a further 20 referrals each month throughout the rest of the year totaling 200 referred members from you, then you will see yourself earning at least $1646.70 a month on the minimum upgrade package from today. As far as a photographer network go, from these kind of figures, this can obviously be an inviting opportunity for those who like to work from home with an excellent rewards program available to both affiliate marketers and photographers alike.

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