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There are a lot of Twitter tools available online for the management of your Twitter account and to help manage your social presence within the network. For many new users who choose to follow most accounts back, will find soon enough that some of these new followers are only there to later unfollow while making there account seem more attractive to the next unsuspecting user who later also gets followed with the same thing happening to them and so on. Some members will quite often vent their frustrations over this onto the social network, but there is a Twitter tool available which can help you find these users who have followed to later unfollow.

Find Followers & UnFollowers

A free website application Follozup, tracks the activities of those who wish to unfollow you for whatever reason, and you can also keep track of the new followers who come your way. Whether your new followers are genuinely interested in you, your business or not, this Twitter tool is a safe guard to a more satisfying experience as you build your network while sharing your latest news, ideas, products and services. You can also fine-tune your target audience to people or businesses who have a genuine interest in you or your business. You can easily discover new followers, search for people who may be interested in what you or your business has to offer with regard to their interests.

Free Twitter Tool To Help Manage Your Account

The Follozup Twitter tool is free, an application you can send tweets from, copy followers and search for accounts targeting hashtags relevant to your niche or your interests. You can unlock in-depth insights into your Twitter community, the relationship between specific accounts and grow your network with a targeted following. Although Follozup is ultimately free, there is however the option to upgrade, and this is genuinely for larger accounts who may follow thousands of other accounts within the network. When it comes to the management of your Twitter account, this free tool will help you and your business thrive on a very popular social network.

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